Channel 7 - Telethon Weekend

Channel 7 - Telethon Weekend

At The Foam Company, we had the privilege to work with Channel 7's Telethon. David from Channel 7 Perth contacted us about making custom giant letters spelling "TELETHON" as well as their famous call centre numbers "1300 737 507" for the upcoming yearly Telethon event. The letters were used initially for a TV promotion, highlighting the Telethon weekend, introducing the Telethon stars for the year. For the past couple of years, they have been using them as the backdrop at the Telethon call centres. 

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We are pleased to have supplied custom polystyrene signage for Perth's Telethon. Telethon's goal is to financially support the medical and social welfare of children and young people and to fund research into children's diseases. To donate, please visit: or call 08 9482 3974.

The Telethon letters can be seen in the photo below, with Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr, the 7 News Perth news anchors.

Channel 7 - Telethon Weekend

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