Both. We supply our polystyrene products direct to the public, as well as accommodating large wholesale orders and projects.

Yes. We offer a cut-to-size service for expanded polystyrene. Minimum charge for custom orders is $200+GST.

The Foam Company guarantees all its products to be in the best condition and as described. Any goods that do not fit the description of the product, will be replaced – no questions asked.

You can either purchase online, send us a quote request or enquire via our online forms or email us directly: info@thefoamcompany.com.au, to get in touch with one of our sales representatives. Alternatively, please call us on 1800 362 626.

The term ‘R value’ is an industry measurement that is used to represent a particular materials ability to resist heat flow.

Any materials which have an identical R value should perform exactly the same. This isn’t always the case. R value testing is done in a laboratory where conditions are kept constant. This unfortunately does not happen in real world applications.

What makes our EPS a better choice for insulation is the closed cell structure can maintain its thermal resistance no matter the ambient conditions at work.

The most popular product would be to use a utility/stanley knife. Otherwise, you can use a serrated kitchen knife or fine wood saw but hot wire is the most effective.

There are a variety of adhesives that are suitable for gluing polystyrene. It is strongly recommended to use water-based adhesives such as our Ritetack Instant Grab and Mightytack adhesives to bond polystyrene to itself or another surface.

There are polystyrene recycling centres around Australia. Please visit our "Recycling" page for more information.

Unfortunately, we do not sell offcuts. All our offcuts and waste polystyrene are recycled.

Yes, all prices on our website include GST and taxes.