Adhesives and Accessories

Adhesives and Accessories

The Foam Company supplies adhesives and accessories along with our foams that are recommended by our company to assist with the completion of projects. 


To best compliment our polystyrene products, we supply recommended adhesives like the Ritetack Instant Grab as well as the Mightytack double-sided adhesive. Our adhesives are both water-based and/or not harmful to the polystyrene. If polystyrene is in contact with solvent-based adhesives, it would melt and harm the foam. The Ritepro heavy duty caulking gun best compliments the Ritetack adhesive as it extrudes the adhesive with ease and no interruption with a capacity of up to 310mL.

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Ritetack - Instant Grab Construction AdhesiveRitetack - Instant Grab Construction Adhesive
Ritepro - Heavy Duty Caulking Gun
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