South Australia

South Australia

This page is exclusive for our foam products mainly dispatched and available from our multiple SA (Adelaide) warehouses. Please note, our closed cell expansion joint foams, IXPE, EPE, backing rods, open cell flexible foams are shipped from our VIC (Melbourne) warehouses. If custom orders are required, please contact us for a quote.

Browse our range of foam products available for dispatch from our SA (Adelaide) warehouses.


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Polystyrene Sheets - EPS (South Australia)Polystyrene Sheets - EPS (South Australia)
Sale priceFrom $10.00
Polystyrene - EPS - Cut-to-SizePolystyrene - EPS - Cut-to-Size
Sale price$1.00
Extruded Polystyrene Sheets - XPS (South Australia)Extruded Polystyrene Sheets - XPS (South Australia)
EPS Foam Craft BlocksEPS Foam Craft Blocks
Sale priceFrom $20.00
Geofoam BlocksGeofoam Blocks
Sale price$0.01
Foilboard Garage Door Insulation KitFoilboard Garage Door Insulation Kit
Sale priceFrom $430.00
Polyfoam Sheets - Expanded Polyethylene - EPEPolyfoam Sheets - Expanded Polyethylene - EPE
Sale priceFrom $315.00
Polyfoam Wrap - Expanded Polyethylene Rolls - EPEPolyfoam Wrap - Expanded Polyethylene Rolls - EPE
Polyethylene Foam Rolls - IXPE - FormshieldPolyethylene Foam Rolls - IXPE - Formshield
Sale priceFrom $240.00
16-110 - Standard/Low Density Foam Sheet - Entry Level (Soft)
23-130 - Medium Density Foam Sheet - General Purpose (Soft/Medium)
30-130 - Premium High Density Foam Sheet (Soft/Medium)
31-190 - Premium High Density Foam Sheet (Medium/Firm)
31-320 - Premium High Density Foam Sheet (Very Firm)
Premium Acoustic Foam PanelsPremium Acoustic Foam Panels
Sale price$450.00
Tru-Blue - Cerex Fabric Backed Foam RollTru-Blue - Cerex Fabric Backed Foam Roll
Sale priceFrom $390.00
Rigid Polyurethane Sheets - PUR
Sale priceFrom $44.00
PE30 - Polyethylene Foam SheetsPE30 - Polyethylene Foam Sheets
Sale priceFrom $58.00
PE45 - Polyethylene Foam SheetsPE45 - Polyethylene Foam Sheets
Sale priceFrom $58.00
EVA30 - Polyethylene Foam SheetsEVA30 - Polyethylene Foam Sheets
Sale priceFrom $58.00
EVA45 - Polyethylene Foam SheetsEVA45 - Polyethylene Foam Sheets
Sale priceFrom $58.00
Expansion Joint FoamExpansion Joint Foam
Sale priceFrom $195.00
Plumbers BlocksPlumbers Blocks
Sale priceFrom $5.00
Cake DummiesCake Dummies
Sale price$0.01